Sea monsters inspired by leafy sea dragons! for dubious expedition, in October!


Its basically Halloween, right???


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  • You don’t have to be following me, but it would be really rad if you did B)
  • No giveaway blogs (I will be checking!)
  • You have to be okay with exchanging friend codes
  • You must have a copy of Pokemon X or Y (obviously)
  • You must have your askbox open
  • If you don’t respond within 24 hours I will choose another winner


First: First pick of any three Pokemon pictured above

Second: The other three Pokemon the first winner didn’t pick

If you win, please let me know if you’d like an everstone attached to Pumpkaboo and/or Phantump!

Another important thing to note is Spiritomb has his German name (Kryppuk) and Duskull has his Japanese name (ヨマワル

Giveaway will end Saturday, October 25th and winners will be announced the same day.

Good luck!






omgggg, love this!!


your eggs went bad

Title: Red Right Ankle

Artist: The Decemberists

Played: 181 times




Ever wanted to see a secretary bird make out with a lammergeier? Nah, me neither. 


Here are a couple of sample images from both FORBIDDEN BIRD BOY LOVE ~Eden~ and FORBIDDEN BIRD BOY LOVE ~Paradice Reguined~ or, as the cover puts it, “BL of the bird, by the bird, for the bird.”

I’m not going to scan either of them more than this, because the creators were nice enough to make them available for international buyers to purchase (here) and (here). (Oops, the first one is sold out.)

It’s mostly short cute stories with totally accurate depictions of birds; I can identify most of the species visually, and it’s weird shit like nightjars and gay penguins and swallows and burrowing owl x king vulture and kiwi x ostrich and all that sort of shit. A+ would buy again.

I can’t get enough of this

I need this wow.

hey is the law and order noise more of a *CHUNG CHUNG* or a *DUN DUN* or even a *DONK DONK*

life goals


Day 16!

Guess who’s been binge watching Beast Wars! I remember watching it as a kid and I was going through transformers withdraw or something so I went ahead watched some.. and found that despite it’s hideously dated graphics, it’s actually really good. So here’s a quick fanart of one of my favorite predacons, TERRORSAUR. I don’t think he was ever popular but I just love his stupid adorable face and his starscream-level treachery and his dumb pterodactyl screeches.


why do I still read youtube comments like have I not learned anything